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You are 18 or older
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You live in France
Critère d'éligibilité Smarto.
You are studying in one of the schools of the  Conférence des Grandes Écoles

Why borrow with the
Smarto guarantee?

Logo Smarto pour la proposition de valeur simple.
Logo Smarto pour la proposition de sans parents.
Logo Smarto pour la proposition de valeur simple.
Minimal paper work & online
Without parents
Smarto is your guarantor
A helping hand
We accompany you through your loan application
They trust us

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Apply for your guarantee in under 5 min
Receive your agreement for free in under 24h
Pay and sign your guarantee contract online
Go to a bank branch with your Smarto guarantee to get a loan
Borrowing with the Smarto guarantee to finance
Your tuitions
Book icon Smarto pour payer son école.
Maison icon Smarto pour payer son logement.
Living costs
Calendrier icon Smarto pour payer ses dépenses quotidiennes.
A computer
Pin  icon Smarto pour payer un ordinateur.
Studies abroad
Nuage icon Smarto pour payer un séjour à l'étranger.
Study material
Calculette icon Smarto pour payer ses fournitures scolaires.
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Without a guarantor, I couldn’t get a student loan. Thanks to Smarto, I can now!
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Herbot, 21 000€ borrowed
Smarto enabled me to finance my masters in HEC.
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Louise, 33 000€ borrowed
Smarto held my hand throughout the loan application!
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Blaise, 8 000€ borrowed

A student loan
with Smarto

Borrow up to 50 000€
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100% online
In a bank branch
2 weeks
5 min
Not necessary
Confirmation of eligibility
Without Smarto
With Smarto
The answers to your questions

Required paperwork


A copy of your ID, a school certificate and your last 3 banking statements.

Relationship with the bank


Once approved and activated, you will need to go in a bank branch to contract a loan from a partnered bank.



A loan is binding and must be repaid.If you cannot repay your loan, it is essential that you contact us to explain your situation and that we find a solution together.If no solution is found, a service collection will take over. This is a legal process that can involve bailiffs to seize the money. You would then become banned from banking and no longer have access to many banking services.

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